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C4 Laboratories is the premiere cannabis testing laboratory in Mesa, Arizona

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Arizona, one of the few states that doesn't have cannabis safety testing

AZ Senate unanimously passes bill to weed out moldy cannabis with testing

C4 Labs Sets the Bar High for Marijuana Testing in Arizona

Ryan Treacy, the owner of C4 Laboratories, a marijuana testing company in Mesa, Arizona, spoke with about medical marijuana testing standards and plans for the future as testing becomes mandatory next year in Arizona because of Senate Bill 1494.

Ryan was an influential presence, along with the Arizona Cannabis Laboratory Association (ACLA) and George Griffith, in the fight to get SB 1494 passed by spending every day at the Arizona Capitol advocating for safe medicine for patients.

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As Vape-Related Illnesses Climb Nationwide, Arizona’s Industry Hones Its Messaging

Medical cannabis industry leaders in a downtown Phoenix panel on vaping-related illnesses this week were called to establish the truth amid vaping fears. They spent much of their time establishing their own innocence.

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Card Costs and Lab Tests: What You Need to Know About New Medical Marijuana Law

After eight years, big changes are coming to Arizona's medical marijuana program because of SB 1494, a new law signed by Arizona Governor Doug Ducey earlier this month. The 200,000-plus patients, caregivers, and dispensary agents in the state now have new rights to safer medicine, and will get a new patient registration system that's only half the cost it was before.

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Arizona To Implement Mandatory Lab Testing

Good news came to patients using medical cannabis in Arizona earlier this week: Lawmakers in Arizona unanimously passed SB1494 through the state’s House and Senate, the bill requiring mandatory lab testing for medical cannabis products. Arizona Governor Doug Ducey is expected to sign the bill and has ten days to do so.

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Cannabis Testing Regulations: C4 Laboratories Aims to Set the Standard

Ryan Treacy, founder and CEO of C4 Laboratories, knows there’s a problem in the cannabis industry when it comes to bridging cultivation, cannabis product production and science. He also knows there are solutions. But before fixes and compromises can be made between companies like his and the cannabis manufacturers and producers in the world, he believes a trusting partnership must be formed. Without that, Treacy argues, the industry may stumble and, instead of landing in a ditch, may fall off a cliff. “We don’t intend to create undo concern,” he notes. “But we do want to protect our consumers and our industry.”

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Marijuana testing lab is a Mesa first

Business is looking bright for a Mesa marijuana testing lab that monitors the quality of products for dispensaries, growers, manufacturers and medical cardholders.

C4 Laboratories, at 7650 East Evans Rd., Unit A, Scottsdale AZ 85260, is the first of its kind in the city and tests products for potency, terpenes, yeast, mold, solvent by-products, fungicides, pesticides and heavy metals. The goods tested range from cannabis flowers, to oils, edibles and lip balms.

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Lab tests find mold on medical marijuana sold in Phoenix; 'It should be pulled off the shelf'

Independent test results found mold on medical marijuana sold in the Valley that would not meet standards in some other states. Unlike most states with medical marijuana programs, Arizona does not establish contaminant standards for cannabis or require that cannabis products be tested in any way.

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The C4 Cannabinomics Collaborative: Q&A with Dr. Zacariah Hildenbrand

Dr. Zacariah Hildenbrand, chief scientific officer and partner at C4 Laboratories, is currently researching some of the lesser-known molecules in cannabis, and he’s on to something. His research focuses on discovering new molecules, determining their therapeutic effects and expanding our understanding of the constituents of cannabis.

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Testing Cannabis In Exciting New Ways: C4 Labs

Professional growers have more access than ever to standardized testing procedures from cannabis laboratories. The test results allow growers to improve their methods of cultivation. This partnership between growers and labs is building a framework for the future of cannabis science. The more you know, the better you grow.

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Which Fat Absorbs THC Best?

When extracting THC for use in cooking, both stoner lore and hard science tell us that fats make the best mediums for potent infusions. But what type of fat should you use to extract THC most efficiently?

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